How to Tour San Diego safely?

If you are a tourist planning to tour San Diego and want to know if it is a safe place, the following information can help you! Below mentioned is the information about the neighborhoods you need to be aware of while you are in the city and some safety tips for you to follow while you are touring San Diego.

According to science and data, the following places are better to be avoided if you want to remain safe. 


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Troublesome Areas For Tourists In San Diego

  • Tijuana

Tourists are advised against visiting Tijuana, as the crime rate here is pretty high. However, if it is inevitable, keep your valuables safe and roam only in groups. Never venture out on all by yourself or you are asking for trouble.  

  • Pacific Beach

This is one of the popular tourist destinations in San Diego. But the problem is that it is also equally popular with criminals. Many cases of assault, rape, vandalism, and robbery have been reported in this neighborhood in the last couple of years. So, do not visit Pacific Beach late at night.

  • Mission Valley

Mission Valley is a one-stop-shop for tourists who love shopping and dining. However, it’s also one of the favorite spots for petty thieves as well. Since the place is often crowded, there is every chance of you being robbed if you are not vigilant enough. Never wear any valuables and keep your wallets safe while you are at this place.

  • Hillcrest

Hillcrest neighborhood in San Diego is known as an LGBTQ friendly community. Though the crime rate reported here used to be less in the past, of late it’s been up ticking. This year alone, more than 300 cases of theft and burglaries have been reported. So it is advised that tourists leave all their valuables in their hotel room or lock them in their cars when visiting this place. Also, do not carry more cash than needed or you might have to repent later.

Keep Yourself Safe While Touring San Diego

Apart from keeping your belongings safe, staying away from strangers, staying in a secure neighborhood and not carrying too much cash, the following tips can also help you to remain safe in San Diego.

  • Pretend to be local 

Never roam around the city holding a map in your hand. Just pretend to be a local and don’t look over confused. If people with bad intentions get to know that you are a tourist, they will make you an easy target.

  • Ask officials 

If you feel you are lost, just don’t ask any other person for directions. They might mislead you and rob you off. Instead, ask someone who is an employee or an official, like a police officer, security guard, help desk executive, bus driver, etc.

  • Avoid panhandlers 

Though helping the homeless is a good deed, don’t overdo it. Especially, do not give them any money. You never know whether they can get hostile or aggressive and hurt you. If you want to help them, just give them some food.

Though most of San Diego’s neighborhoods are safe to visit, there are also some unfriendly areas which tourists should be aware of. These areas are generally dominated by hipsters, drug dealers, ghettos, etc. So, plan your tour carefully, especially if you are traveling alone.