Places to Avoid and Safety Tips on Your Trip To Miami

Is Miami a safe place to visit? This is the question that most tourists wanting to visit Miami have. If you are also a tourist who wants to visit Miami for a holiday, you too might have this doubt. This is the reason why we have put together some important information regarding Miami, which can help you make an informed decision.

Though the whole of Miami is not as bad as most TV shows have presented it to be, there are a few places of concern, mostly for tourists. After all, it is one of the cities having the highest crime rate in the US. 

Troublesome Tourist Destinations in Miami

Below mentioned are a few troublesome tourist destinations and safety tips to follow while visiting them.

Liberty City

Liberty City is considered to be one of the most notorious places in Miami and there is a lot of data available to back this. Never even try to enter the local flea market; it is the most dangerous place in the area. It has a history of robbery, thefts, and molestations against tourists. However, you can still visit this place if you can be careful enough. First and foremost, do not carry your tourist map visibly while roaming around. Do not make any gestures that make you look like a visitor. Pretend as if you are a local, and you should be good. 

Miami Beach

A few years back, Miami Beach used to hold the top position as far as the crime rate is concerned. But today, with the fast-paced development, such as high-rise apartments and buildings, the place has become more populated and a lot safer. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be less careful. Enjoy the beach safely by paying enough attention to the surroundings. Do not wear any flashy clothes or jewelry. Also, do not roam around on your own while you are drunk or intoxicated. Criminals tend to prey on weak and lonely people, so especially women should try to remain in crowded areas as long as they are at this place. During nights, choose to walk only in a well-lit and well-populated neighborhood.

Bayside Harbor

Bayside Harbor is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Miami. Most tourists visiting this place take part in various water sport activities such as swimming, boating, surfing, etc. Though this place is not as dangerous as some of the above, it can still be risky if you are not attentive. Do not leave any of your belongings unattended, especially if they are valuable. There are quite a few street-smart thieves combing this place. Try to visit this place with no or very fewer valuables if you want to be safe.


Though not dangerous, Overtown is ripe with petty thieves and pickpockets often targeting tourists. Keep your possessions like wallets, phones, bags, and purses as secure as possible. Carry only so much money that you need and conceal it in different places. Never keep it in one stack so you don’t lose all of it in case of a robbery.

If you want to tour Miami safely, above mentioned are some places in the city which you should completely avoid. In case you want to visit these places, follow the safety tips mentioned above.