Places to Avoid and Safety Tips to Follow on Houston Tour

Are you planning to visit Houston on your next vacation? Are you concerned about your safety during your stay in the city? The following information can help you plan your trip to Houston so it’s safe and fun leaving you nothing but good memories. 

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the US and is home to people belonging to various cultures and backgrounds. And like any other big city in America, Houston also has a high crime rate. So, if you are planning to tour Houston, you should be aware of the places that have a high crime rate, either to avoid them or visit them with care.

Before we move on to the list of problematic places, let us have a look at the safety precautions you should follow while you are in the city.

Safety tips to follow on your Houston tour 

  • Avoid visiting risky places: There are a few neighborhoods in Houston that can prove to be very risky to tourists. Try to avoid visiting them as much as you can, unless they are really worth paying a visit. Also, while visiting such places, geo-tag your mobile with someone who cares about you. Remember; always move around such places in groups.
  • Be wary of pickpockets: Take utmost care of your valuables like wallet, purse, laptops, jewelry and cell phones while touring in crowded areas. It is always a great idea to leave them locked in your hotel locker, or hide them in your car. Even better, leave them at your home. You are almost certain to get robbed if you roam around wearing fancy accessories. Try to look as simple as possible.
  • Keep an eye on local weather reports: According to NOAA, Houston is one of the US’ top 10 risky places as far as natural disasters are concerned. Who can forget the 2017’s hurricane “Harvey” which took the lives of more than 60 people in Texas? So, you should always keep yourself updated with the local weather reports, and if you hear any news of unfriendly weather, do not go out; take shelter in a safe place.

Problematic neighborhoods in Houston

  • Dowling and McGowen Streets’ Intersection: Dowling and McGowen Streets’ are located in the Third Ward of the Houston city, and the junction where these two streets intersect is the most dangerous place in Houston. There is nothing of importance for tourists to visit this place except for the University of Houston. So, it is recommended that you steer away from this place.
  • Sunnyside: Sunnyside is the second most notorious area in the city. It is located downtown to the South of Houston. According to stats, every year, one in eleven of the locals fall prey to some sort of crime. Though this place is worth paying a visit, you should do so only during the day and if possible, in groups.
  • The Track: The Track is yet another menacing neighborhood in Houston which is better avoided unless you want some trouble. The area is close to Bissonnet Street and extends over a mile. Known for its high crime rate involving prostitution, The Track also has a history of human and drug trafficking. So, never stray around this place.

Now that you know what places you should not visit and what safety measures you should follow on your to tour Houston, start planning your trip accordingly.