Safety Measures and Must-Knows While Touring Seattle

If you are planning to visits Seattle and want to know whether the place is safe, then the following information is for you!

Seattle is a good place to backpack. It is home to some of the world’s largest companies like Amazon, Starbucks, and Nirvana among others. The food here is amazing, the weather-chilling and the culture-absolutely diverse. However, Seattle also faces the same issues as many other popular cities in the US.

First Time Seattle Tourists Should Be Aware Of

Homeless People

There is a sizable transient population in the city, which isn’t exactly great news, especially if you are a tourist. Also known as ‘panhandlers,’ most of these people are addicts and can get aggressive at any moment. So, do not confront them and maintain your distance.

Problematic Places

Though Seattle has the reputation of being one of the safest cities in the US, there are still a few places that are not quite hospitable. Below mentioned is a list of them:

  • Pike and Pine streets: Stay away from this place as it is known for violent crimes, especially during the nights.
  • The Jungle: Located to the south of Dearborn, and on the way to Yesler Valley, is ‘The Jungle.’ It is a small camp loaded with homeless people. Never go near this place, day or night. 
  • Blanchard and Bell: Located in Belltown, the strip between Blanchard and Bell is known for drugs and theft. Stay away from this place unless you want some trouble.
  • I-5 Road: The route I-5 covering Lake Washington and Puget Sound, is known for homicides and assaults. Try to avoid traveling via this route unless there is no other alternative.
  • M L King Jr Way: M L King Jr Way is a little strip of road which connects to the South Boeing Access Road and is known for violent crimes. Try not to drive alone along this way.

Just avoid the above places and you should be safe. The other half of your safety is in your hands! Follow these simple precautions and you are good to go.

Safety Measures to Follow While Touring Seattle

  • Don’t carry cash in a lump sum: Do not carry cash in a lump sum and keep taking it out over and again whenever you want to purchase something. If someone sees you with a huge amount of cash, you will become an easy target for robbery.
  • Carry only a copy of your passport: Do not carry your original passport while touring in Seattle, instead carry a copy of it. Keep your original safe somewhere. You do not want to risk losing your passport on a holiday, do you?
  • Book your stay at a secure place: Do your homework to find a secure place to stay while you are in Seattle. Do not forget to lock your doors while you are away. Also, do not let strangers in, unless that is the hotel staff wearing an ID.
  • Keep your valuable close: This is even more important when you are visiting busy places and while using public transport. There are a lot of pickpockets in the city. Instead of carrying a wallet, why don’t you try using a money bag? It’s a safer option.
  • Do not get distracted: Predators will try all sorts of things to distract and rob you. Never believe in someone who is trying to get over-friendly. It might be a trap!

All in all, it’s your basic common sense which will keep you safe half the time. Just avoid visiting those dangerous places and you will be safe!