Tour Safely in Carlsbad?

this image shows tour safety in Carlsbad

Are you planning on a holiday trip to Carlsbad and are worried about your safety while in the city? Don’t be! Because Carlsbad is regarded as one of the safest tourist destinations in the US. In fact, it ranks among the top 25 safest places to visit in the country. The crime rate here is very low compared to the national crime rate and even lower, compared to the crime rates of other cities in California.

Lower crime doesn’t guarantee the safety

However, lower crime rate doesn’t mean that you can roam around the city carelessly and still be safe. Just like in any other popular city, there are criminals in Carlsbad too. It’s just they are less in number and they are less active. If you follow certain safety rules and stop attracting criminal brains, your Carlsbad tour can be the one you will cherish forever! Below mentioned are some safety tips which can help you. 

Book your stay at a safe and secure place

On your trip to Carlsbad, try booking your room in a secure neighborhood. Avoid staying in places that are isolated or located far from the city. Your room should have easy access to public transport and emergencies, just in case.

Look after your valuables

When visiting crowded places like Carlsbad Village or Legoland, leave all your valuables in a safe locker at your hotel, or better yet, do not carry any costly items when on tour. Just leave them at your home. There are many pickpockets roaming all around the crowded areas, so keep your wallets, money bags and cell phones close to you. It is also worth purchasing a waist pouch bag to keep your money safe.

avoid beach after hours

Do not go to the beach after hours

Never visit beaches in Carlsbad after hours or when you are wasted. Predators are always on the lookout for intoxicated tourists as they can be targeted easily. Also, do not wear expensive jewelry or flashy outfits which may attract the wrong guys. You should be even more careful if you are a woman, because Carlsbad Beach is known for sexual assaults on women. During nights, the beach is loaded with alcoholics and drug addicts and it can be dangerous for a woman to wander alone.

Keep an eye on kids

When visiting family places like Legoland or Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park, please keep an eye on your little ones. These amusement parks are so big that even adults can go missing. Also, see to it that your kids do not carry any expensive things or gadgets with them while walking around as they can attract thieves. If your child goes missing, lodge a complaint at the helping desk or report to one of the security guards immediately. Maybe someone has lured them into a candy to steal the valuables they possess. Who knows?

Though Carlsbad is a relatively safe place to tour compared to most other cities in California, your slightest negligence can drag you into unwanted troubles. Tour Carlsbad safely by being aware. Staying alert at all times and maintaining distance from strangers can go a long way in making your Carlsbad holiday a memorable one.